Route Traktor Audio through Maschine for FX use
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    Default Route Traktor Audio through Maschine for FX use

    Hey everyone at DJTT,

    ok here is my query, i have been searching online for hours now trying to find a way to send the traktor audio into maschine to therefore add FX using various VST Plugins etc.

    I have already synced the 2 programs together sending midi clock etc, following the very popular tutorial by DJ Endo, thanks btw. There are countless posts on routing maschine through Traktor, i.e. as a live input deck etc, but nothing the other way around.

    I have seen a video on youtube, this shows what i mean, i just can't find out how to do it, I'm not all that knowledgeable when it comes to midi etc so any help would be awesome.

    i just want to be able to use more Fx for live DJ sets etc. Any help/advice would be awesome. By doing this does it mean i would lose mixing functions vol, eq etc, how would i output back into the S4. Thanks everyone


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    Hey Adam,

    Yes. You'll lose al the HID functions on the S4, so you'll have to MIDI map the EQ's and Faders within Maschine. I know how to do it from Traktor into Ableton, and Traktor into Maschine should be the same principe. Just look for Dubspot's tutorials on routing Traktor to Ableton and try it to Maschine. It shouldn't be that hard.
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    My dream is one day NI add VST support to Traktor... VST deck, VST efx whatsoever. Will solve everything, MIDI & Audio routing.

    TRAKTOR VST in Machine, in Ableton... or Ableton/Maschine/VST Deck in Traktor... let's say I would prefer a VST deck, whatever that mean
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    It's not really that hard technically. Setup a sound in a separate group in Maschine, set the source to Input, route the input from a Jack/Soundflower output (or any one of dozens of ways to do this), and load up the effects. Your master bus is going to be through Maschine, that's just routed to the S4s output.

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