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    coolest gf evar!!!! i remember teaching my ladyfriend how to spin during one of my gigs

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    Default New Slipmats

    So after owning my Technics for 11 years, I finally decided to purchase a set of matching slipmats (as opposed to freebies). These Butter Rugs were the best $22 I've spent in a long time. Also moved some gear around. Serato is on the left with the CD players and Traktor is on the right with the vinyl.

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    Default Traktor Kontrol F1

    Just traded my unused Denon DN-HS5500 for an F1 and some cash.


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    awesome setup mate! Im with MyUser, a couple that spin together stay together!
    If you don't have haters, you're not doing it right

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    Default Denon DN-X1700 Added

    Found a GREAT deal on a brand new Denon DN-X1700 mixer so I traded in my X-500/HC-4500 combo and paid the difference for it (sold the case to a friend prior to that).

    So now my setup looks like this for the time being:

    I'm most likely going to change to a 4 deck setup with the X1700 as the main hub, and leave the MC-6000 controller as a standalone unit, but I'm waiting until I get another controller for the TT's. Was thinking about getting dicers but I think the DN-HC1000S will be better for me, as I like to have independent buttons/knobs with some sort of text explaining what each button does. Gonna try a Touch OSC (iPad) setup first and see if I like it though.

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    I started on vinyl and couldn't afford to but records in college so I used the original PCDJ RED alongside my vinyl that program, plus, when room was an issue I rocked pcdj, laptop, mixer and headphones
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    PCDJ was a great alternative for us poor students!

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    Made a few upgrades over the past few months. I still need to add a flat screen mount to the DJ desk and then I'll look into getting a new studio desk.

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    thanks Eugguy, I think I fixed it now

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