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    Default Blackie Lox's Setup

    Was interested in DJing from a young age (around 11 years old) but obviously didn't have money to buy turntables/records, so I ended up using the original PCDJ software.

    Was fed up of using the keyboard and mouse to crossfade, so I ended up spending $99 on a Radio Shack Mixer when I was about 15 (1999).

    Bought my first set of used Technics 1200's in 2002. Also grabbed a pair of Sony MDR-V700DJ headphones.

    Later I upgraded my mixer to an American Audio Q3433-SX. Then bought my first set of CD decks to match it (American Audio Velocity). Added a Boss SP-303 Dr. Sample for triggering one-shots.

    After that I sold my Velocity and upgraded to a pair of Denon DN-S5000's when they were released. LOVED those decks.

    Picked up a Serato SL-1 in 2005 so i could start using vinyl with MP3's (as I hated burning and labeling CD's).

    My American Audio Mixer was starting to crap out on me so I picked up a Behringer DJX 700 (just for home use, as it had HORRIBLE sound quality when hooked up to big systems).

    I then traded in my pair of Denon DN-S5000's for a Denon DN-HS5500, to use as a third MP3 deck.
    When the SP-6 sample player was added to Serato Scratch Live, I decided to sell my Boss sampler. I used the money to put toward a Denon DN-HC4500, as I've always wanted a midi controller for Scratch Live.


    I then gained an interest in video mixing, so I purchased the VSL upgrade and replaced my Behringer mixer with a Denon DN-X500 so that I can use the X-control fader function to crossfade videos. Also picked up some KRK Rockit 5's and 10s Subwoofer since the home theatre system I was using wasn't cutting it.


    When the Denon DN-S3700's were released, I tested them out at a local equipment store and instantly fell in love again. Wanted to trade in my DN-HS5500, but nobody would take it as it was a quickly discontinued product Nonetheless, I saved money and bought a pair . My Tech 12's were safely tucked away in their cases, as I had no space for them (but would NEVER sell them).

    I also wanted to get into production, so I bought Ableton Live 8 and an M-Audio Axiom 25 MIDI keyboard. One of my friend's was selling some acoustic foam for cheap so I grabbed that as well.

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    In Jan 2012 I moved in with my girlfriend (who also DJ's ) and she owns a Denon DN-MC6000, Rane Serato SL-1 and Denon DN-HP1000 headphones (and I'm glad, because my Sony Headphones literally fell apart). No need for 2 SL-1's in the household, so I sold mine and bought a Traktor Audio 10, as I've always praised Traktor for it's customization abilities and it's more feature-rich than Scratch Live. Picked up an iPad2 for multipurpose use (iMaschine, TouchAble, TouchOSC). I also bought her an M-Audio Keystation-88 for her birthday as she's a classical pianist.

    Put up the rest of my foam and bought a keyboard stand. Here are the most recent photos (taken this morning):


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    Looks awesome!
    What's your next step? Trading in the IMaschine App for a real Maschine?^^

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    nice!!! feeling the DN-S3700/MC6000 setup noticed the trini flag too...keep reppin hard!!

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    You love denon hey haha nice setup man

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    Quote Originally Posted by antics View Post
    nice!!! feeling the DN-S3700/MC6000 setup noticed the trini flag too...keep reppin hard!!
    Dun know! Have to represent for the entire Caribbean! I recently produced my first soca riddim and it's getting heavy rotation on Barbados radio right now. Take a listen here:

    As for upgrading to an actual Maschine, I won't bother anytime soon as I only use iMaschine for one shot samples, not production. And I do love Denon products, because they offer much more features than pioneer for half the price, and I like using real spinning platters as opposed to an emulation.

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    nice vybz man!! hope it gets airplay in Trinidad for the 2k13 season!

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    Default Video clips of my setup in action

    Here's some clips of me and the gf mixing on 2 sets. I'm using Traktor Scratch Pro while she's on Serato Scratch Live. Fun times

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    Default Found more old pics of my previous setups

    This was when I had the lovely Denon DN-S5000's. Was running Serato 1.4 on a Mac Mini G4.

    This was when I got my Denon DN-x500 mixer to hook up with my HC-4500 controller. My custom case was on order at this time.

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    Dat roomtreatment. I am jelly. Very jelly.

    And a gf that spins ? sign me up !!!

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