Hi All,

Last few months my DJ adventure has been getting out of hand( in a good way
and i'm starting to get the hang of it.
Specially customizing Traktor to my needs is a blast!

Besided my Reloop DJ2 IE, i'm using my MBP keyboard (default Traktor mapping)
to fireup several cues for decks A & B. (1 to 5 & 6 to 0)

Perhaps, it's because i'm using an older version of Traktor Pro 2, but every now and
then a strange situation occurs. Here's the scenario:

1. Deck A, track is playing, still going strong
2. Deck B, load up a track
3. Hit Play for Deck B and start to juggle around with the quepoints on my Keyboard

What happens then occasionly:
keys 6 to 0 triggers de quepoint in my deck B, but also in Deck A!
As mentioned, this only happens every once in a while and 80% of the time only deck B responds. But it's pretty annoying
when playing out loud and botch decks responde to the Quepoint trigger.

I have some theories on this

1. Due to older software, it can be a Bug > So Upgrade is the best option
2. Glitch in my gridding?
3. Gltich in my mapping (But I didn't acctually changed anything in my mappings)

If you have any ideas, a pointer in the right direction would be great.
If I've missed a thread on this same topic, the link should be sufficient