Using Logic To Warp instead of Ableton
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    Default Using Logic To Warp instead of Ableton

    Does anyone do it? I got Logic 8 which doesn't have the warp function (called Flex Time in Logic). Thinking of upgrading to 9.

    Surprised I don't hear much about it is all.

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    Depends on the quality of the time stretching. If it beats Complex Pro, I'm in...
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    I think it depends what sort of material, and how drastically you want to warp, but the quality of the timestretch (and the audio editing as a whole) in Logic is nowhere near on a par with Ableton, and i say this as a current Logic producer of 5 years.

    When i switched over to Logic from Cubase, one of the things that i noticed was the workflow with audio was far less intuitive. Aside from the introduction of flex time (which like i already said doesn't have that great a bunch of timestretch algorithms) they haven't done much to step up the logic audio capabilities in a long time.

    Like i said, i find the Logic Flex-time is fine for minor adjustments to something that's almost already there, but I do nearly all of my timestretching, and definitely all of my re-pitching (the Logic re-pitching capabilities are just awful) work through Ableton, with a rewire audition channel running through an aux channel in my Logic, then consolidate and bring into my Logic arrange once it's stretched.

    The one neat thing that Flex-time does is its Tempophone Algorithm. Stretch the shit out of stuff, and it makes it sound just like an oldskool Akai timestretch

    All that said, if it's ultimate quality you want, the best timestretch i have ever heard hands down is Melodyne. It's just generally a bit more fiddly and not such a quick fix methodology as using Ableton.

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