Same Song; One in Opening Set, One in Headline Set
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    Default Same Song; One in Opening Set, One in Headline Set

    So i have a question to pose to the DJTT community.
    Attached are two remixs of the same track (Tiesto & Mark Knight's Beautiful World) and I was thinking...that one remix fits more into the opening or warm-up set, while the other fits more into the headlining set (assuming that these songs are to be played).
    So my question is what constitutes a good song to be used in an opening set and a headlining set. Obviously people have different opinions on musical taste and style but how do YOU go about selecting and separating them?

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    honestly they both sounds like "headlining set" remixes to me. I've heard a different remix that could have fit the role of an "opening set" track better. I usually just close my eyes and imagine Im in a club, then I think about what type of vibe would be going on during that song.

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