Multiple Out commands for Timecode states with F1
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    Default Multiple Out commands for Timecode states with F1

    Like the title says, i'm having a problem with this, mapping to my F1

    So, here's what happened.

    With the F1 in midi mode, i mapped a pad to control switching between int/abs/rel modes. When mapping the output command, there were 3 range values available between 0 and 2. This seems correct with one value per timecode state.

    However, when i tried to map one colour to each state, they would not display as intended. Only two of the three colours show up with the third colour being substituted for a dimmed version of the second colour.

    I found that if i changed the midi range values, the pad would suddenly switch back to the correct third colour, but then when i tried to cycle through all three states, it would revert back to only showing the first two colours.

    Like i said, this seems like a fairly simple operation, so i don't think i am misunderstanding what should be happening, but at this point it has me stumped. I would also be willing to bet that this would happen when trying to map multiple colours for various states with other commands.

    Now It doesn't seem like it's an intrinsic limitation of the software or the controller, as the range values account for all the states and the controller is capable of outputting up to 16 different colours for a ton of other commands/values...

    This makes me think it might be a bug in the software. I'm pretty sure i'm not doing anything wrong, it should be a pretty straightforward output mapping. One colour per controller range value. But something somewhere along the line isn't playing ball.

    Ideas anyone?
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    I'll probably mess with something like this tomorrow as I get ready to use the F1 at my gig on Saturday. I'll try and report back my findings.
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