The FX Showdown. 2 or 4?
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    Default The FX Showdown. 2 or 4?

    So I'll just start off with the apologies.
    1) I apologize if this thread exists elsewhere
    2) If they've done an article on it and
    3) If you think this belongs somewhere else or you just don't like me.

    Anyways, I thought it would be interesting to start a thread about how people use Traktors (or i guess any other softwares) effects. Specifically, do you use 4 or 2, and why? I'm sure it will be an interesting debate, but it would be more interesting to see why people have chosen each. It really has implications on how you DJ. It might even steer people in one direction or another on what they buy, or give people some new ideas. So I pose the question:

    2 or 4?
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    hi howan, please remove the player from your sig mate, cheers.

    until i got a mf3d i stuck to just the two effect banks, still i am fairly frugal with the effects use tho
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    I use 2 FX banks for uptempo mixing and 4 effects banks for Ambient/Downtempo sets.
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    I use 4 fx units in Traktor but see those as 2 pairs, each composed of two fx units.
    Unit 1&3 are dedicated to decks A &or C, Units 2&4 dedicated to decks B &/or D. Units 1&2 are either in single or group mode, units 3&4 always in single mode.

    Main reason is I use a lot of units combination that you just can't reproduce with only one unit (as a simple example I create a sound on unit 1 but I want a delay for example applied to that sound which isn't the same as having a delay on slot 3 if you're using one fx unit in group mode).
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    Usually two, but recently switched back to four with 3 and 4 being single.
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    2 for the most part, 3 /4 if im feeling crazy
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    4 units, although I have them like that just for ease of access, not because I go effect crazy. I have FX units 1 and 2 on my S2 and 3/4 on my X1, FX unit 4 being in single mode for echo freeze. I have different effects on each unit which I access anytime I need. I used to have my APC20 as an FX selector panel, pretty much like in a DJM2000.

    I'm personally very light on effects though... mainly Delay and DelayT3 plus a filter, or a little beatmasher plus filter, or some lofi, some reverb, iceverb or peak filter.
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