iTunes "resets" / messing with the comments
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    Default iTunes "resets" / messing with the comments

    Hey all fellow DJs,

    Im really hoping that some of you guys can help me out here - its a problem that has been messing around for quite a while and its driving me crazy..

    I use the comments fields in iTunes a lot, because it can store any text / tag I want.
    I then create smart playlists around my comments, so the comments are a really important part of my setup - just like some people write the key information in the comments field.

    And the big question is now - why does iTunes from time to another "reset" my comments??

    When I import to Traktor, play the file in iTunes or whatever that "updates" the file - iTunes simply forget / resets all my custom comments back to "Purchased on Beatport" or what ever the "original" comment was..

    What is going on - its really annoying that the track will disappear from the smart playlist, and I have to re-write all the "tags" I made in the comments field :// ??

    I use id 2.3 tag since its seem to be stable standard for mp3s..

    Best regards


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    I was also having this problem. What I found is that iTunes doesn't locally update any track's id3 tags until the next time that track is played. I bet if you were to update the Comments field in Traktor, quit out so that your collection writes, open iTunes, and then play the track you just updated, then you'll probably see that the Comments field also updates.

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    I use the comment field a lot and have never had this problem. Do you use anything else like Beatunes or Tuneup? Are you making changes in iTunes or Traktor?
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