Need help with setting up sound!
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    Question Need help with setting up sound!

    I feel like a retard because I've been trying to figure this out for 6 hours straight now. I have my speakers hooked up by USB to my computer and my VCI-400 hooked up to the computer. I can only get sound to work if I select my speakers as the audio source in Traktor Pro 2. I've actually tried this in Virtual Dj and I still run into the same problem. That'd be all fine and dandy if I could still use the mic input but obviously that's impossible. I thought for sure I had it set up this way before when I had Audio device set up as VCI-400 (ASIO) but I don't know what went wrong. I've reinstalled the ASIO Driver, reinstalled Traktor, tried messing with audio device setting in control panel.. I just can't figure out the problem.

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    I'm a bit confused... How do you have your speakers hooked up via USB?

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    Oh sorry, I should've been more informative. It's hooked up by the basic green speaker cable

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    If you select the VCI400 as your soundcard in the Traktor preferences/ in the Audio setup tab, then your master sound is going to come out of one of the MASTER OUTS on the back of the VCI400 so your speakers must be connected to the master out…
    Also in order for your headphones to work when plugged into the VCI400… after selecting VCI as your soundcard as stated above, go to the Traktor prefernces under the Output routing Tab… under Output monitor, select headphone left/right.
    Does this help?

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