Audio 2 DJ Sound Problems
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    I'm using an Audio 2 DJ with the latest drivers on Windows 7 x64, and randomly I started getting terrible static on output A (On a side note, the 3.0.3 drivers make my laptop bluescreen, but I'm on my desktop so that doesn't matter as much). It's not really consistent as to when it happens, it can be while I'm mixing in Traktor, or it can be while I'm watching Youtube videos, or while I'm playing Starcraft II. I'm wondering if this is a sign that I'll have to invest in a new sound card, or if there's some other option. Any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rgtb View Post
    is your windows current (service pack 1 and all recommended and important updates have been applied)? is the graphics driver up-to-date?
    My OS is completely up to date, and my graphics driver is the latest version.

    Quote Originally Posted by rgtb View Post
    lastly, a different thing to play with are latency settings. does it help to increase latency and/or to reduce the sampling rate (the latter if the current setting is above 44.1kHz)?
    Playing around with latency settings doesn't change anything; no matter what settings I change, the same results occur.

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