Best Way To Protect My MBP From Humidity?
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    Default Best Way To Protect My MBP From Humidity?

    Hey guys, I'm on vacation in Mexico and my family wants me to play at a party we're having at the pool bar, but I'm worried about humidity frying my laptop. Anybody have experience playing in super humid areas?

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    A fan?

    Done it plenty....
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    So I'm stressing over nothing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattmangrease View Post
    So I'm stressing over nothing?
    Don't think you have anything to worry about (depending on your laptop)..... I've been using my Macbook/pro here in Manila for the past 3 years, can get up to 90%+ humidity and 35+degrees heat which is similar humidity/temp I think.

    If you really think its going to fry as sarasin said .. point a fan at it, and keep her in the shade under a brolly or something if possible not in direct heat, most laptops will power down when they get too hot rather than fry, so bring backup cd's just in case eh

    Honestly at a pool party, I'd worry more about the pool than the heat.

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    I'll be safe behind the pool bar, so no water damage threats. Thanks!

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    Macbook under a pile of rice, with the screen poking out. The rice will absorb the moisture, and if you drink too much, you can eat some to absorb the alcohol.
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