Muscular disease and cd's
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    Default Muscular disease and cd's

    Hey guys!

    I have been checking this forum for about 1 year and decided to sign me up today. This thread will not be a regular one, but a more personal problem I am dealing with for some years now.

    My body has been infected with a genetic musculair disease called "limb girdle" (also my artist name ). Six years ago the doctors discovered this awful disease - but it has been affecting my life since my birth... There are problems with jumping, climbing, walking on stairs and stuff like that. I am currently not in a wheelchair but that would be my future perspective.

    I have been DJ'ing for 8 years now and always got a buddy with me who is carrying my stuff (cd maps, headphone, water). I am spinning in a few clubs as a resident DJ - but the problem I have... Is to carry the stuff when my mate is not available (can be sometimes). A few clubs dont have the new cdjs 2000 - so taking the music on cards wont be a solution.

    I am looking for a solution to carry my cd's with me when I gotta play by myself. I have been looking for a trolley or something like that - but maybe could you advice me something different :-)

    Oh and, if you would like to know more about my disease or whatever - feel free to ask!

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    I know a lot of people swear by the UDG trolleys, they look pretty feature packed and they have them in loads of different sizes and formats for space requirements welcome to the forums

    Loads of DJ websites have big selections, Thomann has a pretty big selection of bags and trolleys!
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    Yeah check out UDG- they make trolley bags.

    they make a couple other bigger ones too

    I'm not sure about CD specific trolley though.

    I have one of these:

    I just checked and my slappa cd binder fits perfectly in the smaller ones compartment and I could probably fit two binders that size in the large trolley and it is the right width.

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    +1 with the info provided.
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