Help me pick a portable powered speaker part 2
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    Default Help me pick a portable powered speaker part 2

    After mulling over it for a while and ultimately deciding on used Yorkville NX55P's, I've had to re-invent my search because I can't find them locally anymore.

    Went to the store and listened to the EV ELX112P and they sounded great, but the "durability" seemed like an even bigger issue than I thought. The screen pushes in easily, and the store demo already had a chip in it. I considered getting bags or cases but they would add a lot of bulk and make them harder to fit into my car. Not to mention it means the speakers will cost me almost $700/each and I can't afford to spend that much.

    Here's the scenario: Used for mobile DJ'ing, which means the venue could be virtually anywhere, and any style of music. Usually for a seated dinner of anywhere from 100-200 people. I usually rent one NX55P for every 50 people. I don't use subs nor do I want to. I've been booked at some venues that turned out to be logistical nightmares, multiple stairs, no elevator, on an island etc, so bringing an 80lbs. subwoofer is not an option. The NX55P's are decent at delivering adequate bass so I've never considered getting a sub either.

    The Yorkville's will still be a front-runner for me if I can find them used, but I'm also considering:

    JBL EON 515 (not XT) - Have heard various things about them. The most prominent being that they're not loud and require a very hot input signal to get any decent volume (I use the Kontrol S2, so assume the outputs are hot enough?).

    JBL EON G2 - local guy is selling a pair used for $900. Price seems high for such old cabs, which also look pretty beat up in the pictures.

    Yamaha DXR10 - I heard the DXR8's next to the EV ELX112P's in a store today and was quite impressed. The EV's had slightly deeper bass and a slightly warmer sound, but not by much. The guy was playing some rock that I'd never heard, so maybe it wasn't the right program. I wish I had something with punchy or rolling bass at the time. The sales guy also said that one customer picked a DXR10 over the ELX112p. I'm curious to know if the DXR10's sound as good (or better) than the ELX112P's and deliver enough bass? Unfortunately nobody locally stocks them so I'm not sure if I'll be able to hear them.

    Yamaha MSR400's - Reviews seem good. Decent sound quality, durable as hell, but again I can't hear these locally.

    RCF 312A - A little more than I want to spend at $666 on ebay, but I'm curious to know what all the hype is about? I've used some of the older versions and wasn't impressed. They didn't seem loud enough, and one of them (rented) totally crapped out on me. At 127db spl, it also seems to pale in comparison to the Yamaha DXR's 131db spl.

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    On second thought, I think the MSR's are out. I didn't realize they were only 300watts and 121spl, so they might not be loud enough for what I need them for.

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    It actually sounds like the Bose L1 system might be a good match for the types of events you do. You can sometimes find them used for around $1500, but it would be well worth the money if portability is your main concern. They also produce more bass than a pair of tops alone.

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    There's already a wealth of info in that other thread. All I can add about that is you get what you pay for. Cheap(er) speakers sound exactly like that... Cheaper. I really suggest you wait and save up for what you really want. You really do get what you pay for.

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    I got some JBL PRX 612m's and I have been very happy with their sound and build quality. You should check them out if you are in the market. I got the pair for about 1200 usd

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    If you don't want to run subs you need a 15" imo.

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