Expresscard USB "hub"
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    Default Expresscard USB "hub"

    From what I gather expresscard USB "hubs" provide a low latency solution to add more USB ports to a macbook pro. Has anyone noticed any performance difference? Here in germany I saw two companies that are available: Ultron and DeLock.

    DeLock provides a 4x and 2x USB 2.0 card while Ultron only provides a 4x. I guess there is not going to be a performance difference between a 4x and 2x, though of course the more USB devices you hook up, the more latency you will get.

    Then again, if I get this expresscard, I can leave my AK1 and VCI-100 on the native ports and attach all the other stuff to the expresscard slot. Or are the expresscard provided USB ports actually "faster"?
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    I was under the impression the number of devices has nothing to do with latency? Since their all on different channels and what not? Not sure to be honest, cant remember where I heard that jibberish.
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    I use the DeLock-ExpressCard and am very happy with the latency: Using it for my Trackball and the XSession, has great latency.
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    It's not a hub. Just extra ports.

    There is no physical way the ports on the express card could be faster than the onboard ones. However, the difference will be so negligible that i doubt anyone could tell the difference.

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