Routing Audio, 2 computer,2 soundcards,2 Maschines (For Jamming)
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    Default Routing Audio, 2 computer,2 soundcards,2 Maschines (For Jamming)

    Hello Forum members

    So, my bro is coming back from college and I want to know if theres anyway he can use his maschine mikro connected his computer, while i use my computer and maschine. BOTH COMPUTERS RUNNING ON THE SAME PA SYSTEM.. i have 2 soundcards available one with no in ports but another one with 2 inputs.

    How would the routing work to get both computers blaring beats over the speakers?
    -would it work to connect each soundcard in a computer,then with the outputs of one connect it to the "inputs" of the other, and from there conect to the PA System??

    please help!

    I just want to know cause i want to jam out with some drum tracks. and maybe this could facilitate production as welll

    hopefully you were able to understand my message...THANK YOU!

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    Just get a small, cheap mixer, plug the masters of both your computers into the input on the mixer, then make sure you have the same master tempo in both of your respective programs and nudge in sync accordingly

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