To Traktor Pro or not to Traktor Pro?
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    Default To Traktor Pro or not to Traktor Pro?

    Basically I've been using Traktor 3 for a while now, did a few gigs and recorded long mixes and sessions with no problems at all...however after I heard lots of ppl not happy with Pro when it first came out i kept using Traktor 3.
    The other day I thought''...maybe I should give it a try...'' so I downloaded the demo and start messing around with it...and I thought''....shall I upgrade or not?'' and then '' it gonna b stable like his predecessor?''
    A couple of days after i went out clubbing in an afterparty and in the main room there was this couple of guys rocking the main floor with 2 MBP with 2 copies of T Pro in sync,a VCM 600, a Xone was proper delirium!!!!
    I'm definitely upgrading asap

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    Dude with your setup you have no Stability worries with Pro. None.
    Traktor Pro has not crashed on me once. It is as stable as T3 was 100%.

    Coming from Traktor 3 as you are you are more likely to have other issues.
    No current Playlist. Many playlist features are missing. Theres no EQ in external mixer mode. Import date issues. These are the main problems.
    All of them are resolved in the 1.2 update (no date).

    So , get Pro now or get it when 1.2 comes out but there are no stability issues that i am aware of with Mac and a VCI 100.

    And thats my own honest view. I wouldnt say buy Pro if i didnt think it was a good idea despite my involvement with it.

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    The very first copy of Traktor Pro ran a little bit unstable but these problems were fixed quick smart and now Traktor Pro is ready for the prime time.

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