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    I'm having trouble mapping my outputs in traktor with this midi controller. The 8 pads that it has have backlight l.e.d.'s. So naturally I want to map them to my traktor functions so they light up when things active and so forth. So far everything works just as it should except for one very large problem. When you push down the pads, they light up on their own. Its just the way that this controller works. However, it seems that by the pad lighting up when you hit it (completely separate from the lighting up that happens based on you're traktor mapping), it effects the traktor outputs. So pads that should be lit up are not simply because you hit the pad.

    In short.. this stupid unnecessary feature of pads lighting up when you hit them is completely ruining the ability to map them to traktor (the outputs).

    Does anyone have ANY IDEA on what can be done about this? I've searched a lot on google but found nothing.

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    they are able to receive midi to control the leds, but unfortunately it's a limit of the hardware the whenever the controller sends a note off message the leds will turn off no matter what the software has told it.

    I contacted numark support directly and the confirmed this limitation and could not offer any solutions.

    forum member zestoi however has made the leds of the lpd8 work with his midimasher app by making the lights turn back on when the hardware shuts them off, he is very helpful and may be able to help you, but may be busy with his work as a developer for mixxx.
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