HID to MIDI converters - please help
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    Default HID to MIDI converters - please help

    Hi guys,

    I'm somewhere in the middle of developing my own controller for ableton.

    I ended up now with the PCB from Leo Bodnar (http://www.leobodnar.com/products/BU0836X/)

    Bought some buttons and before assembling everything into the case - testin how it works.

    And now i'm in deep trouble

    None of hid to midi converters which are suggested by Ean works for me

    Rejoice - looks like it detects which button i'm pressing but not doing anything else.
    Mjoy - crashes.
    and other stuff also not affecting anything.

    Please, if you have any experience or you know something, or you have any idea of what to use to convert HID to MIDI - advise me

    I'm running WIN Vista 32bits.


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    Bomes Midi Translator or GlovePie

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