NI Audio 4 DJ and USB3: Problems
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    Default NI Audio 4 DJ and USB3: Problems

    Hi DJTT!

    I recently upgraded to a 2012 Macbook Air that has two USB 3 ports. Upon plugging in, fiddling with, and realizing that my audio 4 DJ does not work (song is almost completely obscured by static), I called up native instruments. I was told that the Audio 4 DJ is absolutely incompatible with USB-3 ports (the ports on all of apple's new computers are NOT backwards compatible) and that I am shit out of luck. I was told to go buy an Audio 6 or 10, as the 2, 4, and 8 would not work.

    Looking at some prices, I see that the Audio 6 goes for about $300 new. I have no idea what the going price for a used perfect condition Traktor Audio 4 DJ is right now, even after ebay/froogle/google/craigslistings for big cities

    Does anyone know?
    and is anyone running into the same problem with their new apple computer + old NI hardware

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    yeah man, a ton of people are having issues.
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    Have the same issue mate. Just run my audio 4 through a USB 2 and it works perfectly, so if you have them, try not to sell it and just do that.

    For the price of a used Audio 4 DJ, since it is used (even if it is "perfect") the price would be around $160.
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