Acoustic Insolation - Best Place to Buy?
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    Default Acoustic Insolation - Best Place to Buy?

    Yo yo,
    We've built the body of the studio and its looking legit.
    Time to get the insolation.
    I live in Westchester, New York.
    Where is the best location to purchase acoustic insolation from?
    Our room is approximately 10 by 8, and doing 5 walls.
    Need some foam, bass traps, and a few reflectors.
    Looking to spend 500-700.
    Get back to me soon.

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    Check these guys out. Very reasonable prices. Also, what you are looking to do sounds like acoustic treatment, not isolation. It's the difference between treating the interior of the room (RT60) vs isolating sound from one room to another. They are very different approaches.

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