Very recently got Traktor Pro 2.5 and had been using Traktor pro for years.
When I pressed SYNC on Traktor 1.21 it would shift the BPM to the master track (deck B for example). Then when i switched SYNC off it would keep the track at the same BPM which i liked instead of reverting it, meaning i could trigger the track when i pleased.
On this new version however. When I select SYNC under exactly the same circumstances the track shifts the BPM but when i toggle SYNC off, it reverts back to the track's original BPM.

How can I get this new version 2.5 to behave like Traktor 1.21?
As far as I can tell I have emulated all of the settings from my previous version but I don't know why it behaves like this. It means that when I start a track which has slightly odd timing (of which i have many) there is a delay before the track actually plays. It's very frustrating.

Thanks for any help in advance