can anyone suggest a decent usb audio interface for ableton?
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    Default can anyone suggest a decent usb audio interface for ableton?

    ive been looking into an audio interface to use now, and im hoping sumone can steer me in the right direction. i dont use intrument just my tt's used with serato... i use a seperate desktop for ableton and my lappy for serato... i also have questions on how to route everything... should i use the booth out on my ttm57sl into the audio interface or use my masters? if i run my dj setup through the the audio interface, will i then to power up my pc everytime i wanna jam on my decks or can i run the mixer to my monitors as well as the audio interface? please guys i could use some help and suggestions that wont break the bank. thanks a ton

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    If you want to use Serato with timecode vinyls you have to go with SSL as far as I know.
    For Ableton Live:
    One from the Focusrite series maybe.

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    Ive been using serato for yearrrsss and have a tmm57sl so i know all about timecode, what i questioning is how to set up my dj rig to work with ableton/the bridge and then run that all to my pc

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    ive been looking into an interface too, im not after anything amazing, just better than my laptop's headphone-out socket, for home use into my monitors, i have been looking at the focusrite series, but holding off and waiting for a good used one

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    has anyone had any luck or tried the Alesis IO 2? so far from what i can see it gets good reviews, has all the imputs and outs im looking for and comes with all the ASIOall drivers. should be plug n play... any thoughts guys?

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    ASIO4all drivers is not a pro. Every audio interface can use them and it would be better to have a specifically adapted ASIO driver for the interface. So this might not be a deal-breaker but it should not be singled out as a big feature. The same probably with plug n play. Should be common these days.

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    ok i got a smashing deal on an Alesis IO 2 inteface offa ebay for 30.00 and he was local so i collected it last night now my question is this, and forgive me if i sound like a noob here.... i have ttm57 and tt's and wanna use my desktop to record (not my lappy) so i know i can run form the 57 into the Alesis to record, but what if i want to just mix a lil, do i have to power up my desktop to run thru my monitors or can i use both sets of master outs to my monitors (they have xlr and 1/4) and just play when i want to?

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    Any NI Audio cards!!!!
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    Any of the Profire series interfaces from M-audio. I personally have a 2626, but thats cuz I need the extra inputs and outputs.

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    I would avoid M-Audio, especially after Avid's firesale where you don't know who is in charge of the drivers, will a product be continued or not.

    Get a good low-end Focusrite Saffire audio interface. Rock solid. Very good sound.

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