1200 pitch pot value
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    Default 1200 pitch pot value

    Does anyone know the exact value my pitch pot is supposed to be set to so it only has its 1 zero point? For an MKII.
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    Quote Originally Posted by djpenguine@djforums
    With the pitch fader set to zero, and the pitch fader assembly disconnected from the main PCB, VR302 should be set to 2.875ohms, within a tolerance of .25ohm, as read across connector points five and six (red meter probe to brown wire, black meter probe to red wire.) After this is done, reconnect the pitch fader to the main PCB, make sure the pitch fader knob is still centered at zero, and remove the platter and PCB dust cover. Plug in and turn on the deck (do NOT push the start/stop button at any time when the platter is off, it can destroy the motor), then attach the red meter probe to the post next to the motor on the main PCB labelled "TP27." Connect the black meter probe to the post labelled "GND" next to it. Set your meter to read cycles/Hz, then adjust VR301 until the meter reads 262.08Hz, within a tolerance of .05Hz

    Now your table is correctly calibrated to factory specs. Put it all back together and enjoy.
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