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    Hi guys got an Akai LPD8, made my own mapping for hot cues, and now I want to map the knobs to fx, but for some reason when I map one of the knobs, It does what I wanted it to do in the mapping, but also controls the volume fader for some reason :/

    Also I noticed that all the other knobs do something in traktor and I havent mapped them to do so anything yet.

    Any suggestions ?

    Also any suggestions on ways to get better at cue juggling ?

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    To find the other controls that are currently assigned to the LPD8's knob, first locate one of the controls you added. Select the line. Then click on the "Mapped To" column header. This will sort the controls by their mapping. Look in the list for the one you highlighted, then look at its neighbors. If there are any there that share the same "Mapped To" value, those are the extra controls causing your problem. Now you can delete them.

    Good cue juggling is all about timing; check out a couple videos Ean did on practicing your timing. That should get you started.


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    I am assuming you have other hardware hooked up at the same time as your LPD8, if so change the midi channel that the mapping is transmitting on. Most Hardware with default mappings I.E. Kontrol S4 are mapped to transmit midi signals on MIDI Channel 1. So basically if your LPD8 transmits a C1 note from a pad on Channel 1 and you have mapped it via traktor to Hotcue 1 it will also transmit the signal for C1 from the other hardware. This is also assuming that you have been provided a way to change the midi mapping directly to the LPD8 which I believe AKAI provides for all their stuff.

    Alternative that may work but I recommend either way is to change the In Port and Out Port to only the Ports for that particular Hardware vs "All Ports" or "N/A"

    Screen Shot 2012-06-30 at 3.48.41 AM.jpg

    As for CUE Juggling Ean just did a great tutorial for beginners that should help

    Hope this helps, Happy Mixing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sound Mutants View Post
    Alternative that may work but I recommend either way is to change the In Port and Out Port to only the Ports for that particular Hardware vs "All Ports" or "N/A"
    this.... always make sure u have the in and out ports for a mapping set just for the controller it is indended for. never need to worry about midi channels clashing then.
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