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    Default presonus firebox

    im on the verge of picking up a vci 100 and so will need a soundcard. is the firebox (Which seems to be THE soundcard around here) a good price at 180?


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    As an owner of a firebox I would look at a USB card for the following reasons:
    1) The new macbooks don't have firewire or a PCMCIA express card (not a mac guy but this is a concern when the "industry standard" no longer supports your hardware)
    2) Not all firewire is created equal, some notebooks can't run the firebox. You need a pcmcia express card. Another $50 bucks

    I was at my local guitar center and they had demo firebox's for $70 so don't overpay. I would look at the Audio 4 and Audio 8 from native instruments or the maya 44.

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    he is right in saying you should do your homework before being a firebox, but if it works with your computer, i highly recommend it if it has the ins and outs you need.

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    charo is right, do your homework and if the Firebox works out it is the best soundcard in its price bracket.

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    i love my FB

    but that price sounds about like what i bought it for. / /
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    FB is the tits!
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