I figured out a way to use Twitter.DJ for users like myself who don't use Traktor, Serato or Ableton.

You need to run an icecast server and change the tracks as you go during your set in the broadcast server (in this case Winamp).

First Download and install:
Winamp :http://www.winamp.com/media-player/download/all
Edcast plugin for Winamp :http://www.fastserv.com/kb/article/e..._or_shoutcast/
Twitter.DJ :http://twitter.dj/beta/download

Follow the instructions on setting up the icecast server on the Edcast and Twitter.DJ websites. Be sure to use the Traktor Settings in Edcast.

Search / Insert the playing track into winamp and play it and the name should appear on Twitter.DJ.

There's a cool thing when you do it this way, you can just edit the track name in winamp and it will update it for you.

Honestly it's a bit of a pain of a work around as the tracks aren't updated automatically, but if you want to get noticed on twitter.dj this is seems to be the only way to do it for Torq or other DJ Software users.

I'd recommend using a playlist that you can open up in Torq and winamp and just jump tracks as you do your set...

Also I found Twitter.DJ couldn't find my track on Beatport and matched it to completely different tracks.

Any Mixxx users out there? You should be able to use this as Mixxx has Icecast broadcasting...

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