Using a midi controller in a club
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    Default Using a midi controller in a club

    I've been dj'ing for a while now at school dances, private venues, some festivals, etc. I'm trying to break into the Club DJ scene and I was wondering if I should go re-invest in some 1200's and a 57sl since I've been only using midi controllers.

    Do clubs allow you to bring in something like the vci 380 ? Is it a bad look if your trying to land gigs and just trying to make a name for yourself?

    What y'all think?

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    The culture for this differs vastly based on where you are, and the subculture of the individual club. Here where I live, it's all vinyl purists and CDJs. Central europe is generally more open to controllers.

    The most important thing is that you CAN play on the "default" gear if you have to, and if you bring extra stuff into the club, don't fuck around with their setup (re-wire any cables etc), so the next guy gets confused. Golden rule: leave the booth looking like when you arrived.

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    ^on this point, my main bar allows controllers, I've seen the twitch there a few times. Other bars, CDJs on top of old 1200s
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