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    Default Acapellas/Instrumentals

    Long gone for me are the days of buying a record with an instrumental version on side B. This died for me when the Record stores died.

    So now having gone digital and only having 1 Record store with a very limited selection within 100 miles I find myself stuck. I have found several sites with acapellas and or instrumentals available for download but to tell you the truth they are either cover versions or shady looking sites with download links to file sharing sites that are on the radar for bad reviews (virus's and such) or the law... I have also checked sites like Amazon etc. and they also are cover versions or Karaoke versions which aren't the best for making the acapellas myself via phase reversing.

    So what I am basically asking is if anyone can point me in the right direction of where I can find a good selection of quality acapellas and/or instrumentals of newer music for remixing. I dont mind paying for legit stuff but any help would be great...

    At this point I'm going completely crazy because this seems to be one of the super hush hush inside secret type of things, or maybe I'm crazy and looked right at a site that is what I need but felt uneasy due to the layout of the site or link content...

    Either way thanks in advance for any help and Happy Mixing.

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    This was covered in a thread yesterday. Use the search function!

    Contact the artist if you can't find the acapella

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