So last night 30min into my set, just as the night was getting good, my beloved traktor "Quits Unexpectedly" and all the sound goes quiet...few random WTF's and other not so happy comments from the crowd in the few seconds it took me to get the back up system playing. So with a mixtape playing I re-open traktor, go to sort my tracks by import date and BOOM it quits again!! I exit everything else on my comp thats playing and try 1 more time...same thing. So now i restart my mac and open Traktor, same f'n problem. The second i click the import date tab it quits. Soooo i figure i'll just use my crates and no try and sort my tracks in anyway. With the mixtape still playing i throw some effects, put on 2 tracks and try to put a decent load on the system...everythings good, for 5min...then it quits again while loading a track. I Import an older TSI and got half an hr of live play time til it quit again at of the night was played on another DJ's laptop and denons with Virtual DJ.

Anyone know wtf is up with that or have any similar problems? I reverted to the previous version, but will not use Traktor with confidence anytime soon.

System Specs:
Macbook Pro 13" 10.7.4
2.4GHz Intel Core i5
4GB 133 MHz DDR3
Traktor Pro 2.5
F1 and S4 (problem happens with or without them hooked up)