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    hi, ive been having trouble with my djing controller. I currently have the Hercules Rmx. i have 3 pairs of speakers that i would like to use with my controller. my question is, how do i connect these speakers to my controller for everything to work fine? (cross-fader, headphone cueing and everything else. i have two jacks and 1 rca cable for my speakers. there is an input 1-2 with two rca output connectors and an input 3-4 with two rca output connectors. there is an output 1-2 with 2 rca output connector and an output 3-4 with two rca output connectors. there is also an output 1-2 with 2 pro gear 1 quarter output connector. this is also the same for output 3-4. i know this may seem a bit confusing but if someone could help me out that would be great
    thank you so much
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    Just use RCA or 1/4 splitters.

    Curious though, why would you want to hook up 6 speakers unless you're throwing some massive party...But in that scenario, you're better off daisy-chaining your speakers, otherwise you have a whole mess of cables coming out of your controller.

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