Can an audio clip trigger a midi clip in another track?
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    Default Can an audio clip trigger a midi clip in another track?

    So this video below about midi mapping is very useful, but what about doing it in reverse? Using an audio clip on track 1 to trigger a midi clip on track 2. For example, I have an mp3 audio clip on track 1 that I then want to trigger a midi clip (let's say it calls a lighting program in another software) on track 2 the second I trigger the mp3 audio clip on track 1?

    I thought about just using scenes but that doesnt work for a A/B deck set up like we have.

    Muchas gracias.

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    I asked Ableton YEARS ago to implement warp markers that could be set to trigger midi events.

    Never heard anything back.

    The scenes method would work - but you'd have to have 4 tracks in Session View (Deck A Audio, Deck A Midi and Deck B Audio, Deck B Midi) and you'd have to create a midi clip that was the same length as your audio clip (for every audio clip) with midi notes at the points you want actions to be carried out.
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    That would be ideal, or even if you could just have the same thing as follow actions but start actions.

    Just curious as to the midi clip length. If the midi note fires a signal to my lighting software, which starts a whole scene in the lighting software, it really only needs the initial note to start. I guess your idea would be that if I wanted each midi signal to do certain things during the song, it would be easier to program those notes in ableton that have to do it in 2 softwares?

    That would also be better to do the midi / lighting programming in ableton since I may decide to change lighting software one day and I would just need to change the midi routing. Good call.

    I'll give it a go and see how it works! - Jin

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