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    Default Join Nex Generation Radio (NGARadio)!!!

    We are NGA-Radio (Nex Generation Atlanta Radio). Just celebrating our first full year of operation. We mainly promote local, national, and world wide artistes. You can even make the bot use text to speech to talk on air. You can go a bit more advanced and stream your own music from WinAMP, which requires a bit more work, but relatively easy. But if you are more advanced user, we can get our server to connect to your SAM MySQL database and list your available tracks on our web request and mIRC request bot. Live. People can request songs from you as you play live.

    We are in full operation. We built, and maintained our entire server from ground up on Linux. Not using 3rd party hosts with limitations - Dedicated Server.

    As far as our artistes go, most are Hip-Hop, R&B, Rap, Soul. We have had a few additions like some Rock, Dubstep, and other international artist. There is no set music we play or accept.. We are all about variety! As a promo, we accept new artists all the time to help with promotion via twitter, fb, youtube, web, etc.. free. Our artist give us full rights to their songs, so we have full permission to stream, (and in some cases if the artist allows it), to download, for us and our DJs.

    About what you play when you connect, we do not control that, so you have full control over that, although we do ask to promote/shoutout/etc to our artists and the artists list webpage on our site. We do not believe in censorship or discrimination, so first off. You must be 18+ to apply.

    Fill out the DJ application on
    Artistes can also submit their bio and tracks on the website if they want to be promoted by us.
    Check us in the chatroom at anytime of the day. We are a 24/7 internet radio station!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NGARadio View Post
    We mainly promote local, national, and world wide artistes.
    Well, that narrows it down.
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