confusion over adding another controller
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    Default confusion over adding another controller

    Hi there,

    This would be my first week with Traktor 2.5, and Kontrol X1.

    The Kontrol works like a dream, and I'm very impressed.

    I am tring to use another controller (UC-17) as my mixer controller.

    I have gone into controller prefs, and selected generic midi, and managed to map two rotaries to each channel fader-ok so far.

    However, I am unsure how to get the X1 working at the same time. If I select genric midi controller, the X1 doesn't do anything (although CTRL flashes to tell me it's inputting a signal), and if I choose the X1, then the UC-17 doesnt work (but again the CTRL light flashes).

    Would appreciate some adive on this please. As I say I am very new to Traktor, so imagine your instructions are aimed at your Nan!

    (BTW did search, and the only thing I found which was relevant, was about importing TSi files. This is all well and good, but my understanding is that you create the file by midi mapping the controller in the first place)

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    So I have worked it.

    I used the drop down, and selcted generic controller, mapped a few mixer controls, and then using the other drop down, exported, and saved under the name of the controller. I then went back into controller prefs, selected the X1, and then on the drop down, imported the tsi. I had just created, and voila sorted.

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    That's the secret. All you have to do is tell each mapping which controller you want it to control.
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