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    @My Gaff

    I Completely know where you are coming from, but shit happens as they say, unfortunately things really started going down in Dublins clubscene since around 2000, and guessing you creeped in just at the tail end of there being something decent to hold onto.

    For those that don't know - the opening hours in a Dublin bars used to be until 11.30pm and Nightclubs until 3.00am however in around 1998/1999 that changed with a wave of new "Superbars" (Palace/Zanzibar etc..) which were allowed to open until 2.30am - these super bars had capacities of up to 2000, free entry (before 9pm), Commercial DJ's, better lighting and sound than most of the clubs and above all drinks promotions early on in the night, so you can imagine the club scene got hit pretty damn hard.

    For example of the downturn a Saturday night routinely might have a capacity crowd at midnight, that dropped to half or less within a year with stragglers building up the numbers to around 3/4 full at 1am - leaving (gasp) 2 hours of dancing time. Then in 2002 drinks promotions were banned pretty much across the board and 2004 smoking was banned in bars and clubs.

    Before the Superpub's/laws etc... there was a decent club night to go to EVERY night of the week (and on Sundays dance from dawn until Monday Morn).

    In a few years you'll be telling the story to your kids like the tale of Concorde ..

    "I Remember when I was young and we could get from London to New York in 3 hours"

    I Blame the Stupid Feckin' Nanny State !

    And +1 on all the Names you mentioned hehe..I wish it was just the music at fault in Dublin, but it runs much deeper than that.

    Keep Trucking.

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    don't blame dub step on the USA...

    it sounds to me like you aren't looking in the right places. There are places in California that still do (and do it well) quality house music week in and week out. I know Doc Martin is very active still. The Moontribe still throw their full moon parties. Miguel Migs and Mark Farina are doing it in San Francisco. Plus the occasional weekly guest like Lawler, Digweed, Sander K, etc that come through the Vanguard or the Avalon.

    I'm 39. I don't expect to go out every weekend like i used to. I have to pick and choose my parties now.

    The scene changed and is changing, you need to change with it. Even though i am "old school" it's my belief that there are waaaaay to many older DJs that are hanging on too tight to the past. It won't ever be that way again. I enjoyed it when I was there and I am still enjoying myself now.

    or start up your own night

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