VCI 100 + Behringer UCA202 + Traktor Scratch Pro
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    Default VCI 100 + Behringer UCA202 + Traktor Scratch Pro

    I have just got myself all of the above mentioned kit and I am having trouble setting up a couple of things.

    How do I get it set up so I can have the main output going to the speakers and use my headphones for cueing up a new track?

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    The UCA has only one stereo out. The "monitor" jack on that soundcard is the same content as the main output line.

    To queue you will need to setup the built in sound card on the computer and plug the headphones in there.
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    So Ive bought the wrong sound card by the sounds of it?

    How do i set it up with the in built sound card acting as a different headphone output? Im running traktor on a macbook

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    I used to use it in mono, before I bought a NI sound card. I would have the cue through the left and master through the right. Then I would plug my headphones into the headphone socket, so it was sort of like a split cue. And then I just run a splitter on the right into my speakers. this should only be a temporary fix though, I suggest u save for an audio 2 dj, they are cheap and come with traktor pro 2 which u could sell.
    Hope this helped

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    Just to clarify then I have def bought the wrong sound card before I send it back.

    What is the point of the UCA then? I could just go straight from my laptop to my speakers!? I though the point was it could do that and then I can have the phones output to use for pre cueing

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