I was just wondering if anyone else had tried Livetronica Studio and what peoples feelings are about it.

In the short time I've been exposed to it, it seems to have every feature people like, from scratching anything with a turntable, All the neat parts about Ableton & Serato "the Bridge", the window scalability of "The One", Drums, Samples, Visualizations etc. I haven't tried out the Ableton Live turntable plug-in yet, but the software looks like it's both available as a host and a plug-in. It's still in beta which means it's not pretty just yet, but it's free. Tell me what you think.

Here's the link for the feature over-view:

Here's the link for the Company: http://www.stagecraftsoftware.com/

and here's the link for getting Ean to review it: http://djtechtools.uservoice.com/for...tronica-studio

DJ ForcedHand