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    wow guys, check out what i found.

    did use the search and there was no thread about it, this thing may be interesting for some people.
    also usable with traktor pro:

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    i bought itm dj and overall i am quite disappointed, since its just impossible to do any fader or knob adjustments accurately. i have been playing around with their free app though, especially the piano with massive. there things are sufficiently precise. maybe with a big knob like this, it will also be fine. could be a nice solution for the smart mixing solution bento just posted about.
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    I was disappointed also. The control surface is nowhere near as good as TouchOSC. Unfortunately no OSC in Pro and it was a bit fiddly to setup.

    I thought iTM Matrix was cool. Free and really simple. I set up a pad controller on the iPhone that was just for Transport functions and used it over an Ad-Hoc network. I did it just to see if it would work and it did. I was sat on the bog 50meters and 3 rooms away from the dj booth and i could play tracks on Traktor just for giggles but it does actually work as an 8 button pad controller really well.

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    i like iTM DJ, so I say +1 when you need a restroom break
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