Traktor s2 with serato?
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    Default Traktor s2 with serato?


    Ima star of by saying i love traktor! I have never used serato, but the otherday a dj friend invited me to one of his gigs and he was using serato and ns7, he was doing great, and what i liked the most was the postfader effectcs, you could leave a delay and slam the track back on the bass, that sounded awesome.

    So, can i use my s2 with serato?

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    Almost positive there isn't support, I could be wrong but there competing companies and Serato is only midi mappable in SSL or through redirecting the notes through keyboard shortcuts.
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    advanced gate --> delay = post fader like effect.

    set a modifier so when true selects the correct effects, activates the effects & changes the volume slider to the gate slider.

    You could probably map the S2 to serato scratch live as it works in VDJ Pro in midi mode, but you lose a couple of buttons and not sure if the leds work. Also not sure of what serato is even capable of in terms of mapping.

    In the long run your better off using his gear if your playing together.
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