Need your help in decorating!
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    Default Need your help in decorating!

    Hey guys! I know it's been a while since I posted, so firstly I just wanted to say I miss you all dearly . I'm still in touch with a few of you through DJTT Chat (Facebook), but I definitely miss the entire community. I'll just let you guys know I was away from the forums mainly cause I stopped DJing for a while, but now I'm back - with a vengeance.

    Anyway back to why I started this thread. My family just got a new place, and so we'll be moving and now in my new room I want to setup my studio all over again. However, I am not sure as to how I want to place everything. I need suggestions on how to set it all up!

    Here's the link to my current setup - I will be taking and putting everything in the room you see over there. Currently the whole setup literally occupies maybe 10 feet of wall space on one wall in my current room. However the way the closet is setup in the new place I won't be able to put it all up against one wall.

    Here are pictures of my new room, and i'll explain under each picture if I have an idea of what i'm putting there. Keep in mind I will have to squeeze a bed in there somewhere.
    Sidenote: Granted, I could have the entire garage if I wanted to (it's pretty big, easily fits 3+ cars). However I feel like working on production in an area like that without massive sound proofing would not be beneficial to me. As well as the fact that I work best and most creatively in my own room.

    I am currently planning on putting the bed straight ahead in this picture. Having it face the long way against the wall.
    On this wall on the right hand side I got the TV wall mounted up against it and am thinking of putting the old TV stand that I use as a desk (in my studio picture it's the stand on the left with the S4 on it) and leaving my Novation on it.

    Currently in my room (well until I packed it all up) I had my novation on the TV stand so then it was comfortable for me to play it still sitting on my office chair, and the few times i'd spin in my room i'd put the S4 on my real desk.

    Any & all suggestions are welcomed!

    Thank You guys!

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    I guess there is not many gay dudes in here. lol. seriously though, somebody help him out, I am horrible at this.

    this is all I got:

    do it now while the "NEW FLAT" inspiration is fresh. You and your "back to mines" will appreciate it in the future.


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    I'd like to see a floor plan. Looking at those pics are hard to determine the scale of the room. What size bed do you plan on getting?

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