Mapping in Traktor
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    Default Mapping in Traktor

    Got an Akai LPD8

    I want to use it with my Numark MixTrack Pro.

    I have mapped the pads so that when I press the pad button, the hot cues in A Deck, 1 to 8 are available to use.

    When I press the cc button, the hotcues in B Deck, 1 to 8 are available to use.

    But for some reason I cant map the knobs to do what I have intended them to do.

    For instance I would set one knob to control FX, it controls the effect but also a one of the pads on the akai

    Same goes for when I use the a pad, it will control the hot cue but also the volume fader for Deck A.

    Any Idea what I could be doing wrong ?

    It sounds like commands are clashing

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    Go to the LPD8 controller editor and change the CC values for either the pads or knobs. By defualy there are set to thesame values, dont really know why
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    did you ever figure this out ??

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