Yeah. So last night at my weekly residency TSP crashed on me live, for the first time ever since making the switch over 2 years ago. Luckily i had a few CDs with me to work with while i tried to fix the issue.

What I was using:
TSP 2.1.1 (only version i have found stable)
Mid '10 MBP running Snow Leopard
Mk2 timecode

What I did initially:
Switched to normal CDs
Shut down TSP
Verified permissions
Reopened TSP and used it again

Now it was ok for about 5-10mins, but i could hear the audio starting to break up, and the timecode bar was bouncing really badly, so i switched to internal playback and it was ok, but less than ideal.

What i did 2nd time round:
Switched back to CDs
Did a full restart of the MBP
Verify disk (which failed, dont think that was the issue, has since been repaired)
Started TSP
Played a track with MK2 timecode while still playing out using CDs
Saw it the timecode bar behave erratically, so took out the MK2 discs
Restarted TSP and used MK1 timecode...which was solid for the rest of the night

I originally had issues with the MK2 timecode when using my audio 8, but have used it since getting the DJM900 with no issues until last night.

Anyone have any ideas where to start? Drivers etc are all up to date