Anyone want to help a Canadian Dj duo win an opening set at Chroma in Toronto?
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    Default Anyone want to help a Canadian Dj duo win an opening set at Chroma in Toronto?

    Hey guys! I have been dj-ing for a while now and have recently started dj-ing with a buddy of mine as a dj-duo. We have entered a mix in a contest to open for Charlie Darker at Chroma (inside gurverment) in Toronto Canada this sat! The entry with the most likes by sat at 2pm wins! If could take 2 seconds to check out our mix i would appreciate it! And if you like it please support and 'like' our entry! Cheers!


    Vote here: (Entry #11)

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    I haven't listened, but I probably will.

    But I just needed to state, the more I see of these "competitions" the less I like them.

    It doesn't seem like the people who are the best always win, but it's completely a matter of who can get more "likes" on facebook. And that defeats the purpose (to me) in many ways.

    Maybe it's just me, but I prefer clubs and promoters to have a more despotic approach, and choose the people they want based on the sound they bring. Not because they get the most likes on facebook.

    I know that's not how things have been trending lately. Especially for a lot of the bigger events. And the promoters want to hire people who will bring heads in with them, because that's how they make their money. But there is a balance that can be made.

    Personally, I refuse to enter into those competitions on the basis of my morals. I'm sure I could pull a fair drawing for some of them to get a spot perhaps, I have a fair number of friends on facebook and I can mix. But where does that leave you? Is it truly a stepping stone to bigger and better things, or is it a flash in the pan to just bring heads out to some guys show with a big headlining DJ?

    It's a tough call people have to make for themselves. I'm not faulting you guys for wanting to spin and open the show, I just wish it was less of a popularity contest, and more of a talent-show.
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    Too be honest I completely agree. One of the top entries right now is clearly an example of that. It's unfortunate but its the world we now live in. But thats why I decided to post here. Thought I could get some honest feedback on the mix and hopefully gain some support along the way .

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