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    Default Woo Hoo

    The stars and planets all aligned today and I was able to buy my S4, WOO HOO!
    Well that and I traded in ALL my guitars and Guitar Amps (11 years worth).

    Was it worth it? YES!

    Now next on the list:

    1.Coffin for the S4 (One that will hold the S4 and NI-Maschine hopefully)
    Any suggestions for #1 would be awesome...
    2.MIDI FIGHTER PRO!!!!! (Thought about a Midi Fighter 3D but Pro will suit my style better)
    3.Chroma Caps for my S4 and Maschine

    DJTT you have my money before I even get it.

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    Nice one. Boom
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    Sounds like you know exactly what you want. Shame to hear about all of the guitar gear going away though.
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    nice! i can relate though since i sold my fender tele plus to get a vci 400 ege. totally worth it since i don't play too much and i still have 4 guitars. plus i sold it to a very good friend so i can still visit!

    i think i'm gonna pick up a mf3d if they ever go on the deal of the week.

    have fun with your new gear! i've been loving my vci and maschine!
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