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    Hello and good morning to all,

    I was trying to find the right place to post my question in regards to Traktor. I think there should be a forum section just on this software. Here is my question....

    Does anyone know if its possible that if using Traktor and having all the decks loaded with music tracks we could save the current load of songs and samples so that if we shut down Traktor and reload it it back up it would automatically load up all the songs and samples in the exact placement so we could pick up where we left off?

    It could be seen as project files and we could essentially save our project files and recall them as long as the songs remain in the same directory structure.

    This would be similar to a word document being saved so that when recalled we wouldn't have to write everything from scratch.



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    Only option is to save it in a playlist then load everything one at a time. The new remix decks can be saved as a remix set, but only for one deck.

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