Traktor 2.2 control freezing
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    Default Traktor 2.2 control freezing

    Hi, first post, go easy on me.

    Thanks to this forum I've recently upgraded my firmware to 1.4, bought an overlay to match and replaced my old knobs with cool white and blue chroma caps. I bought an Audio 2 and took advantage of the Traktor upgrade offer (again, I found about that thanks to this website) and switched to TP2. I'm back in love with my baby.

    However, I'm having an issue with Traktor. When I use fader fx, or start scratching, I eventually get to the point where Traktor stops receiving from my VCI. The song will continue to the end, but the controller has no effect on any parameters. The mouse still works though. It's weird. I can get it working again by unplugging the USB, but that seems a bit lame.

    I've got my latency set on the high side (512 - 17.5ms) as my laptop isn't new - core duo 1.66ghz, 3gb of ram.

    Any clues?

    edit - more info; Adjusting the power plan on the laptop seems t have helped, pushing cpu up to 100%. But......I seem to be able to control deck a through the fx bank, using the Control fx button and a,b,c,d knobs, which is ace cos I can get some wicked effects, but it doesn't work on deck b. It's really frustrating, cos I can see the potential for some really good creative sets, but I can't rely on the controller doing what I want. Maybe I missed something in the mapping - I'm using Flashflooders .tsi

    rtfm - I watched the video on 1.3 and worked out how the route fx button works, so I think I'm getting there.
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