Similar artist to Refracture?
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    Default Similar artist to Refracture?

    I recently came across Refracture and totally dig the sound. I know its supposed to be Breaks, but its harder than most other Breaks artists I found on the internet. So does anyone know other artists with similar sound or maybe can someone tell me under which other music genres i should search?

    Thank you!

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    Default the other artists on this compilation might be a direction to start digging. Always check an artists soundcloud for freebies when digging sometimes it easier to process a lot of their stuff off beatport.

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    +1 for Dusted Breaks.

    I'm not sure which bit of Refracture you're referencing, but you may want to check out Eshericks.

    Labels that fit with Dusted Breaks in my mind: Yellowfinger, Dirty Drop, Scarcity, Ground Level. Lots of others do "hard" stuff, particularly the spanish labels like Raveart, Spektra, Distorsion, Elektroshok.

    It would be much easier to help if I knew exactly which Refracture tunes you were digging, because he's done some really, really pretty stuff.
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