Numark 4TRAK preferences panel
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    Default Numark 4TRAK preferences panel

    I'm totally new to DJing and bought the Numark 4TRAK controller&mixer, could set up almost everything, to the point: " Next, you have to go into the rather daunting Traktor preferences panel, and set up the controller and the FX unit separately, in order for the controls on the hardware and the audio to work correctly with the software."
    Since I am a bloody beginner and overextended with the preferences panel...
    So actually I can DJ if I use my laptop and the controller shows reactions... but it should work the other way...
    Please give me ideas, what I might have done wrong in the preferences. Thank you for suggestions!!!

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    Wrong section....

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    follow the instructions, follow the set up wizard, read the guide, its all in there....

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