Help! Mapping my Akai Mpd 32
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    Default Help! Mapping my Akai Mpd 32

    Hey guys. I'm mapping my new mpd 32, it's going okay, but for some reason I'm getting a conflict on pad 16 in bank B and pad 4 in bank C - they transmit as the same note. There are more that do this apparently, but this is a good example.

    Is this normal? Do I have to somehow remap the pads using Vyzex? Or am I missing something?

    Another thing... how can I map the transport control buttons (<<, >>, stop, play, rec) to traktor functions?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Please post questions about mappings in the general forum, thanks. And in the future, please read the stickies and forum rules before posting.

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    please read the manual. i promise you its worth it.

    press the pad.

    Press edit

    scroll to the note you want
    click to enter that note

    save the preset

    the manual is really good.

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