Remove command from button/knob in mapping traktor
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    Default Remove command from button/knob in mapping traktor

    Hey guys, I have just got myself a vci 100 and traktor pro but a lot of the button are useless or not in the most ergonomic layout so i want to change things around.

    I have watched a video on how to map a button to perform certain functions I want, but on setting say the current filter knob to instead be the low freq I map that knob to perform the low freq but it still performs filter as well.

    How do I remove a function?

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    Select the command and hit delete at the bottom of the commands window.

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    Sorry yeh I get that, I didn't explain myself clearly. How do I find out what one of that large list of parameters I want to delete, is there any easy way to identify what each command is doing as the descriptions in that big list of commands is hard to decipher

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    The Traktor manual and the midi command finder explain them.
    If you want more depth, the Traktor Bible is well worth the money.

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    in the mapping window you can just select the EQ command you addet the while it is selected scroll up or down any other comand that is mapped to same knob (Midi note/CC) will also be lit up. but you could also sort the command in alphabetical order and scroll till you find filter It's called "Filter adjust" in 2.5
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